Feasibility Study Report summary

The study was commissioned to “provide a detailed basis for enabling Troon Coastal Rowing Club to determine whether to proceed or not with developing the site for a new multipurpose facility, which would become a base for the various local marine sports organisations”.

Troon Coastal Rowing Club indicated in September 2020 that they intend remaining at the Yacht Haven as their base and the interest is now been taken up by the growing interest in Troon as a major kite and wind surfing area.

The Feasibility Study brief comprised:

a) Procuring Topographic Survey, identification of Services and Utilities

b) Site appraisal; record of initial consultation with Planning Department

c) Preparation of initial building design and site layout

d) Preparation of initial structural and drainage design

e) Preparation of indicative costs, including any abnormal costs.

Feasibility Study Conclusion:

“The Detailed Cost Plan demonstrates that this project represents a substantial financial undertaking, however we believe that the long term benefits of this proposed Water Sports Centre will be embraced by both the marine sports and the wider community in Troon; the emphasis on renewable energy will ensure that the building will be highly cost effective to run and be kind to the environment; the desire for local groups outwith the marine sports community will ensure that this is a multi-purpose facility.”