Project Overview

The following document gives a general overview of proposed plans to establish a not for profit water sports centre in Troon. It is registered as a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation SCIO SC047691.

The plans have been developed by a small group of local residents.

As well as providing dedicated facilities for water sports users, it is hoped that other organisations, not related to water sports will be able to make use of the building’s amenities, particularly the large multi-purpose training room.

                                                                                    Key Points

Proposed Location
Area of land close to the sea / beach adjacent to Troon Recycling Centre, Port Ranald Drive, Troon. The land is currently owned by South Ayrshire Council. Following discussions, the council have indicated they would be willing to offer a lease to the project.

Proposed Facility
• A building on 2 levels featuring boat & equipment storage, drying facilities, maintenance facilities and changing areas including showers and a multi-purpose training room. Exact size and design to be determined subject to costs, planning, energy efficiency, sustainability and other considerations.

• An all-weather slipway down to the beach for the launching and recovery of boats.

• Car parking spaces and vehicle access from Port Ranald Drive.

Feasibility Study
Using funding from South Ayrshire Community Development fund a feasibility study was undertaken on the site and the proposed construction of the facility. This was done by Armour Construction Consultants (Kilmarnock) with a consultation team of architects and engineers.

Estimated Cost
Based on figures from the feasibility study and allowing for additional costs, the project is currently estimated to cost around £2 million to complete.

Funding Options
A number of potential funding options are being explored but it is anticipated that the majority, if not all, funding would be secured through grant application to local and national funding bodies. Initial conversations have been held with some of these bodies and the project management team have been consulting with Scottish Enterprise for support in this process.

                                            Project Benefits for Troon & the surrounding area

Troon Water Sports Centre will benefit the increasing numbers of water sport users across South Ayrshire. It will also bring a number of other benefits to Troon and the surrounding area.

For Schools & Community groups

There are numerous schools, youth clubs and community groups within the local area. Troon WSC will provide more opportunities to participate in small boat sailing, paddle sports and physical activity. This can improve health and well-being and assist in capacity building; in particular the training and development of coaches and volunteers.

For the Local Economy
Troon WSC will improve and diversify the tourism infrastructure in Ayrshire and Troon.The water sports centre could well serve to give Troon an enhanced reputation as a venue for adventure tourism and activity holidays, attracting more tourists to Troon and the surrounding areas, boosting local business. The proposed relocation of the Arran ferry to Troon would also offer further opportunities in this market.

Skills Training
It is hoped that the maintenance and workshop facilities in the WSC could provide opportunities for future work with local schools and other organisations to offer various kinds of training.

Preserving boat building heritage
Although the Ailsa shipyard in Troon is consigned to history, the growth of coastal rowing in Ayrshire, has seen boat building return to the area. The Troon WSC could be an ideal opportunity for local people to learn about and develop traditional boat building skills; possibly in collaboration with the Scottish Maritime Museum.

A focal point for activity
Both North and South beaches are proven attractions (locally, nationally and internationally) for participants in numerous water sports including dinghy sailing, canoeing, kite surfing and wind surfing. A purpose built water sports centre offering secure storage, changing areas and other amenities would benefit both existing sea users and attract additional ones. Additionally, the proposed location for Troon WSC is directly beside the SUSTRANS “Route 7” cycle path and the Ayrshire Coastal Path walking route. The current plans for the WSC include an area allocated to a bike maintenance station, with the possibility of including a charging point for electric bikes.

                                                                              Next Steps

Building local support
Troon Water Sports Centre is designed to be a community facility. For it to succeed, it needs as much support from the residents of Troon and the surrounding area as possible. It is hoped that Troon Community Council will offer its support to the project, thereby helping to build momentum and allowing the project to progress.

Expanding the Project Management Team
The project management team is currently comprised of residents of Troon and representatives of the local surfing community.
As the project moves forward, the project management team are are seeking to expand and engage with other groups and individuals who wish to get involved and become active in the planning of this project and use of the facility.

Creating a legal entity.
One of the major next steps will be forming a legally recognised entity which can enter into a land lease, apply for planning permission and submit applications for funding. A number of possible models are under discussion but the most likely outcome is the formation of a SCIO (Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation).Formed on 31st August 2017–Registration number SCIO047691.

Contact Information
For more information about the Troon Water Sports Centre Project, please contact the project team using the details below.




Various views of the proposed  site.

“Storm Frank ” 29th December 2015 high water 15.00h at the proposed water sports centre location. Note the relatively calm sea.

“Storm Frank” 29th December 2015, high water 15.10h South Beach  Promenade. Compare the sea state with that at the water sports centre location.

Drawing 2
Elevation 1
Elevation 2
Ground Floor
Upper Floor
Revised general lay out